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Are you and your life ready for a new world view?  

Life, Investing and Trading Services

Are you and your life ready for new world view?

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Get in your own life power and live the extraordinary life you always wanted.

Get your creatifity back and understand the current financial system which is holding secretly all people back to life their life in fullest.

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Erich Perroulaz

Entrepreneur, Author

Erich began his career in banking and security trading in Switzerland. He was on a spree of building a successful multimillion-dollar international asset management company. But, with the turmoil of stock market and burst of Internet bubble, he experienced a downfall in his business.

That was the time he realized that there was a lack of emotional freedom, personal leadership and self-esteem in his life. It was the turning phase of his life. Since then, he began his journey to transform his living. The moment he embraced uncertainty, he discovered the essence of emotional and financial freedom inside me.

From last decade, he is an entrepreneur, an investor, and a guide to several people who want to attain similar freedom in their lives. He is the innovator of Ticket to Life International. As the innovator, he leads his team of mentors and experts to help people experience the quality of life they deserve and have been missing out on.

These mentors and experts have come together to guide brave individuals who have decided to take their journey further, by unlocking their blueprints and discovering their missing link in their lives.

Ticket to Life Book

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This is not another get-rich-fast book. Yes, money is important, but rather than trying to make money to achieve satisfaction, this book teaches you how to first get well within yourself and let the money come to you. Ticket to Life details the reasons why we should emotionally detach ourselves from the old and rather unhealthy monetary systems; and how by doing so, we will experience emotional healing and abundant freedom in our lives.

The process of detachment will also let you enjoy a whole new attitude towards money and wealth. Ticket to Life offers you a practical guide to a journey, during which you will be encouraged to challenge your belief systems and to transform your thinking from DO-HAVE-BE into a life-serving and healthy, BE-DO-HAVE attitude. Erich Perroulaz decided to quit a lucrative job in investment banking to transform his life, which he felt was not complete and joyful.

Because he longed for inner peace and freedom, he decided to buy his own Ticket to Life and take the journey to find emotional and financial freedom. Along the journey, he discovered a powerful mix of elements, which all together create a “super cocktail of mind-altering goodness”. The secret to making it all work together is the awareness of a missing link to a higher power in our lives. 

Ticket to Life – Umarme die Unsicherheit

Wenn Sie sich Gedanken über den Sinn Ihres Lebens machen und Sie mehr über den Zusammenhang zwischen Ihrem Leben und dem Gesellschafts- und Finanzsystem erfahren wollen, lohnt es sich, Ticket to Life zu lesen. Ein ehemaliger Börsenmakler und Investmentbanker, beleuchtet die möglichen Zusammenhänge zwischen dem ungesunden Geldsystem und dem Selbstbewusstsein der Menschen.
Das Buch ist kein klassischer Ratgeber, sondern eine Navigationshilfe, um den eigenen Lebenszweck zu finden und erfolgreich im Leben umzusetzen.

Vielleicht fragen Sie sich, warum Sie sich immer wieder in der gleichen Situation wiederfinden. In Beziehungen, im beruflichen Leben und gesundheitlich. Wenn Sie schon viel ausprobiert haben, um zu einer besseren Lebensqualität zu gelangen und doch keine substanzielle Veränderung erfahren haben, beleuchtet Ticket to Life die möglichen Ursachen, und zwar aus pragmatischer und spiritueller Sichtweise.
Wie das Buch am besten genutzt wird

Am besten lesen Sie das Buch kapitelweise in beliebiger Reihenfolge. Sie können auch einfach eine Seite aufschlagen: bestimmt gibt sie das Thema wieder, welches für Sie wichtig sein könnte. Das Buch ist an vielen Stellen absichtlich repetitiv geschrieben, um Leser/innen die essenziellen Stellen und Fragen in das Bewusstsein zu rücken.
Was macht das Buch einzigartig?

Erfahren Sie einfach, was der Inhalt bei Ihnen auslöst. Das Buch ist sehr prozessorientiert und klar geschrieben und zeigt auf, wo Sie gerade stehen. Es gibt einerseits Impulse zur Änderung der inneren Einstellung sowie praktische Anweisungen, was sie tun selbst tun können, um in Ihrem Leben eine emotionale und finanzielle Freiheit zu erreichen.
Das Buch ist eine Mischung aus Autobiographie des Autors und Selbst- und Navigationshilfe, welche im Ablauf für jeden Menschen gültig und praktisch anwendbar ist.
Es ist in drei Hauptteile gegliedert, welche sinnbildlich der drei Stufen der Transformation zum Schme

Speaking Services

Speaking Engagements

Get your audience a speaker who combines materialistic values with spiritual development based on his own life journey being a former investment banker and found his own life purpose.
Without a sense of purpose nobody and no company can achieve it’s full potential.
Speeches are empowering, educational and entertaining.

Examples for themes

  • Being humble and setting real own goals both as a human and as a company
  • Understand the principles of energies and enjoy a good life
  • Take your trip from a caterpillar to a be a butterfly
  • Connect to universe unlimited powers.
  • Financial education combined with spiritual sense
  • Get used to your own life zone: No fear no panic and get out of the comfort zone.
  • Please bring forward your own topics on where I can support or help you or your company

*I’m not religious however believe that every human being has his own life path and should detect as much of it during life in order to serve.