Life Services

For all Humans who want to become more happy with life and make a difference to serve others.

The services are for all people who want real change in life.

Executives, Traders, Investors, Athletes, Actors, Home Office

Private Coaching


Mental Fokus

Spirituality and Karma

Emotional Stability

Business Coaching


Change Management

Team Spirit and Alignement

Spirituality and Karma in your company

*Services also avaible in German.

How to hire my services?

Schedule a FREE 30-minute call

Here I need to understand better you or our company main situation and goals. We are going to have a 30-minute Skype conversation and we can set what do you want to achieve and see if coaching fits for you.

You just have to fill the form and i will answer with less than 48 hours.

After I create the strategy and define the numbers of sections you will receive an formal proposal and the payment will be via PayPal, and includes Credit Cards.