Non-Duality in Life

The Science of Happiness

Welcome to the body and life transformation retreat

Imagine your perfect day!

Waking up and hearing the birds chirping. No stress about getting to work on time. You live your life completely on your own terms – no worries, no stress.

How does that sound to you?

Hi, I'm Erich and I'd like to talk to you about non-duality.

Grab a cup of your favourite drink and let’s get started.

"It's not your money, body or relationship what makes you happy. It's non-duality and effortless being which cures all your suffering forever."

Everyone carries non-duality within them and can lead a life of complete contentment and happiness.


What does it take?
The courage to allow total uncertainty.

About Non-Duality

Effortless being vs Hard Work

Even though an individual life is an appearance within the infinite being, the person still has a purpose for being here. We have been trained to find this purpose through the mind, which has led most people to very unfulfilled ways of existing.

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What is non-duality?

From the moment of our existence, we intrinsically embody the boundless essence, a state that persists without change. Early in our lives, a cognitive framework emerges in our consciousness that fools us into believing that we are individual entities navigating through time and space.

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Meet Senõr Enrique

I am Señor Enrique – your concierge. I am a lover of luxury and the pleasures of life.

My passions include the fascinating world of non-duality, trading & investing and getting to know new countries and people.

I invite you to explore the diversity of life together and enjoy every moment to the fullest. 



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