You are what you think you are!

Change your thinking and the universe will help you.

The guide to happiness is a state of consciousness that all people already have within them. The point is to discover it.

Do you want to make a lasting change in your life and experience a constant feeling of happiness, love, health, prosperity and inner peace?

Being financially wealthy and inwardly unhappy, impatient, stressed and restless is a sign that there is a lot wrong with you.

Getting off the hamster wheel forever and having plenty of time on your hands is primarily the result of realizing who you really are, not just what you’re good at.

The book describes the story of a transformation to consciousness. It also reflects the connections of the current unhealthy financial system with the actual lives and shows solutions to be happy and free inside.

Discover your Potential!

GoCreade is for people and businesses who believe in the limitless potential of human achievement and choose to use their creative potential to the fullest.

Start your own journey to bliss and realize your consciousness. Anything becomes possible and your life becomes a dream come true.

Erich Perroulaz

Erich Perroulaz is a consciousness researcher, author, mentor and entrepreneur.

Through his own journey through life, he realized that everything in life is just consciousness. This realization led him to his calling to pass on spiritual law as a guide to a happy and successful life.

He believes the time is right to make awareness better known to both people and companies and to apply it in the real world.

He is also the author of "Ticket To Life," a book about self-determined identity, and the founder of Spirit Blockchain Capital, a company traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

"Happiness is a constant inner feeling of security and love. This feeling can never be lost or taken away by others."

 "Awareness is the new currency."

Signatur Erich Perroulaz

"Live a decentralized, self-responsible and free life."

Which matrix do you choose? It's your decision!

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Reviews "Ticket to Life

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"A really good book for all those who want to bring new momentum into their lives. However, it is only worth buying if you are prepared to put what you have read into practice. Reading alone does not bring about change in one's life."
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"This book contains everything essential for the transformation to a free and independent person. Dozens of other books cover only partial areas, conceal the uncomfortable but necessary steps, or even lead in the wrong direction. This valuable book shows step by step the needed processes in the right order. It also shows that this is a long road and only those who go the whole way without shortcuts will succeed. A very highly recommended book for all who are willing to implement!"
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"Ticket to Life - Umarme die Unsicherheit" bietet klare Anleitungen zur emotionalen und finanziellen Freiheit, während es den Zusammenhang zwischen Lebenszweck und Gesellschaft erklärt. Ein inspirierendes Buch, das dazu ermutigt, das eigene Leben aktiv zu gestalten und sehr empfehlenswert für die Suche nach dem Lebenszweck.
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"Ticket to Life - Umarme die Unsicherheit" ist ein außergewöhnliches Buch, das tiefgründige Einblicke in die Verbindung zwischen individuellem Leben und dem Finanz- und Gesellschaftssystem bietet. Der Autor, ein ehemaliger Börsenmakler, gibt klare Anweisungen zur Veränderung der inneren Einstellung für emotionale und finanzielle Freiheit, und die flexible Lesereihenfolge passt sich den individuellen Bedürfnissen an. Ein inspirierendes Buch, das zur Selbstreflexion anregt und wertvolle Einsichten in das Leben bietet.



Being hooked to the monetary system will never let you fly. Trading time for money to survive at all is not a recipe.

A solution away from the hamster wheel is not quite simple, since this is connected with the current monetary system. Only those who are willing to recognize this and then act accordingly have any chance at all of ever no longer having to exchange time for money or wait for their pension, which is also becoming increasingly uncertain due to the rapid devaluation of money.

In the book you will get a simple basic education about the current enslaving money system in the first chapters as well as inputs on how to make it yourself in the further chapters.

I believe in you.

Being connected to the universal freedom lets you trust the process in the here and now and feel the love for yourself. You become self-confident and that is the new currency that no one can take away from you. It is worth it.

Universal or emotional freedom is an inner state that can only be achieved through inner reflection or transformational work. Everything starts with the change of thinking. The deep belief in one's own goals is a prerequisite. These goals should prevail inwardly. Therefore, one should first become aware of these own goals.

If you are ready to live your life in emotional freedom and I can support you, please contact me. This also applies to business leaders who would like to introduce this wonderful principle.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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