Consciousness is the
new currency!

Erich Perroulaz

„Human beings are not the center of the universe.
There is only consciousness. Consciousness is the new currency.

Erich Perroulaz is a consciousness researcher, author and entrepreneur who believes that everything in life is consciousness.

The aim is to share the spiritual law to promote a happy and successful life.

The aim is to rediscover consciousness and infinite being.

In addition to his work, he is the author of the book „Ticket To Life“ and the founder of Spirit Blockchain Capital, a publicly traded company.

Happiness is defined as a sustained feeling of security and love.

„By nature, we are the infinite being, but from around the age of two, we develop the impression of being an individual human being in space and time.

In fact, the familiar sense of existence is the existence of the infinite being, which we mistakenly confuse with the existence of the individual.

This is a case of mistaken identity.“

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